Battle Park offers a wide range of activities: Team building, product launches and special occasions.

Our coordinator will work closely with your team to develop activities that are suitable to your needs. All our games are designed to foster teamwork and collaboration leading to a healthy competition.

Our unique locations will ensure that your guests and team members will totally disconnect from their day to day routine while having lots of fun, which will lead to an energized team ready to tackle a new day.

We also offer bespoke catering services to meet all your needs.

Our park offers ample free parking space and bathrooms facilities

Why Battle Park offers the best team building activities in the UAE?

  • Breaks the ice between new team members
  • Elevates team work
  • Helps break down all those social barriers between management and staff
  • Offers delicious group catering
  • Aligns team goals and targets
  • Brings diverse departments together to create stronger team work
  • Builds closer working relationships
  • Engenders greater harmony amongst workforce by having fun
  • Finds solutions for team problems

Battle Park offers 10 themed fields that are suitable for playing:




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