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iBATTLE is a GAME CHANGER in the recreational combat and shooting activities. It is fully developed and operated by BATTLE PARK. This advanced High-Tech system uses a unique signal technology with outstanding 100% accuracy and a High-Tech communication system between players to enjoy an adrenaline-infused battle.

This technology was initially used by the military for training purposes and is now exclusively available at Battle Park as the most exciting and closest to reality recreational combat experience of its time.

iBattle offers unlimited game scenarios similar to the online games and requires no supervision, as the game is connected to servers & online software that produce real-time play feedback, statistics and results.

iBATTLE is fully developed with the best ex-military engineers in the UK using heavy duty aluminium aircraft grade which can operate in any weather conditions, day or night. Enough playing online games, it’s time to “BE THE GAME”.

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