The importance of taking the students out of the classroom to absorb, interact, and be immersed in edutaining field trips has several learning benefits for students to obtain practical information within the brain proven by the theory of retaining more information when visually experiencing activities in the chosen environment.

Submerging students into out-of-class experiences has proved invaluable for their development and understanding. It allows them to open their eyes to new environments, positively shapes their perspective and trigger ideas and solutions, that may not stem from their familiar comforts and habits in the classroom.

Bringing your students on a field trip to the largest recreational combat gaming park in the Middle East will:

  • Allow students to learn a shared social experience
  • Develop their motor skills (balance, speed, coordination, reaction-time, agility, and power)
  • Introduce them to a completely new environment they have never been exposed to
  • Work as a team with other classmates outside of their normal group
  • Build their confidence and make them less susceptible to bullying
  • Make lifelong memories among peers


Our packages are curated to integrate classic games students are ever so familiar with such as Capture the Flag and Cops and Robbers, with our proprietary IBattle technology, which has been exclusively developed for Battle Park.

  • The technology is 100% safe as it utilizes the latest IR technology
  • No safety gear required (overall, mask, chest protector, gloves….)
  • Lighter guns available for younger students (less than 1KG)
  • Numerous game scenarios/ modes
  • Interactive guns with sound effects for more realistic game play
  • Game statistics captured for each player
  • Packages can be designed to suit your special requirements
  • Special F&B packages with live cooking station also available on request


all Prices are exclusive of VAT

Battle Park offers themed fields that are suitable for playing:  


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